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Average Guy Bible Study

Group now in session. Send me an email for information about the next study group scheduled to begin after the new year.

Hello, my name is Steve.  I’ve always been about average. Sometimes a little above and then again a little below, but all in all average. Every day I get up, get on with my day trying to do the best that I can before collapsing in bed to rest for the next day.  Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy my life, get a lot accomplished and look forward to the next day, but in the midst of it all it can be a little blurry and sometimes weary. That’s the life of the average guy. I’ve learned that trying to fit everything in to my day, my week, my year is a challenge that requires setting priorities and checklists, since life can spin you in circles quickly.  The question is always, “What is most important?” That’s when Matthew 6:33 rings in my ear the loudest. “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you."

What about you? How’s your day, week and month?  Do you start the day with the Lord? Do you study His word each week? Are you walking through each month following His direction?  Or are you thinking, “That would be great if I had the time BUT I just can’t get into God’s Word like I’d like to. I work or just can’t get to small group consistently.  I’d like to follow hard after the Lord, but I can’t sort it all out.” This Bible study is designed to help you get God into your schedule,  It is NOT designed to replace church attendance or small group study or prayer.  Rather it is meant to get you following hard after the Lord.  Take a moment and re-read this paragraph.

Here’s what I am suggesting.  We'll read through each chapter of this study. It is designed to take one year, studying one verse each month.  That should fit into anyone’s schedule, even Joe average. You’ll have a verse to take with you each day, a simple assignment to work on each week and a challenge to your walk each month.  By the time the year has passed you will have studied 12 verses that have you following hard after God.

Do you know other average guys that have the same desire that you do?  Get them involved. The great thing about this study is that it can be done on the go and across great distance. Get your college roomy that now lives on the west coast, or Uncle Charlie down south or a fellow fleet driver or guys in the office to join you.  Converse each day over email, on Facebook, by cell or over coffee each Friday. Make this study part of your daily stride and make your day, your week and your month above average.

Bible Study: Welcome
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