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Our Father

No matter how much you are hurting.

No matter the stress you are under.

Despite your pain.

Take some time ASAP to go to God with thanksgiving.

Do it ASAP or you never will.

Go to Him in prayer without asking for anything, but rather speak to Him only of the blessings He has given to you. If you are not aware of the blessings, ask Him to show you.

Blessings such as:

The air you just breathed in,

The heart beat you just had,

Your last meal,

The sun shining down on you,

Him listening to you,

Salvation through Jesus,

The ministry of the Holy Spirit,

And, what else? Fill in the blank.

We have so many good things, no matter what is happening to us, that are gifts from God.

No matter our relationship with Him, He cares for us and wants us to be His.

So, just say thank you.

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Count your blessings, name them one by one and see the amazing things that God hàs done works every time!!!

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