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Searching for the New Normal

Having an opportunity to detox from the day to day grind, that we all move through to support our lives, can be a gift if looked at properly. Making a list, of things we miss and a list of things we are glad to be away from, is a great place to start. What things are interrupting the plans that you had for your life?

Recently I heard someone say,

” I always wanted to grow up to be somebody…I guess I should have been more specific.”

Do you feel that way?

Let me ask you. Are you still breathing? Then it’s not too late to make a change.

Remember, Michael Jackson, looking at the man in the mirror and asking him to make the change?

Recently, I read the story about, Leonid Vorobyev, a Russian musician who decided to put together a cover band for the group Chicago. He auditioned musicians and started “Leonid and Friends” after his mandatory retirement from his vocation at the age of 60. They now travel in concert around the globe and command a pricey ticket. You can check them out on You Tube.

Talking about You Tube, it is a great resource for you to look for training or exposure to something that you want to adapt to or enhance. I personally, have always wanted to be able to play the blues harmonica. There are countless lessons offered on line for free. All I need is my mouth harp and time.

But, what about your job, your health, your marriage and your faith? The fact is, nothing is too far along that it can’t be changed. Be honest with yourself. What is going to make your new normal a better place to be and where and when have you let yourself slip? Take the time to be more specific.

Don’t allow yourself to get panicked and desperate. Don’t sit there frozen in dismay or allow yourself to become “The Hulk” out of desperation. You wanted to be something and you won’t get there jumping around and yelling about it.

Sit back and figure out 3 things that are important to you. Additionally, figure out 3 things for each of those 3 things that you would like to change or move forward on. That will be 9 goals for you to plan on attaining. Not a small list but really not overwhelming.

Need a suggestion?

1. Your health

a. Get to the doctor and improve yourself physically.

b. Where are you with your relationship with God?

c. Make a list of the issues you need to resolve and resolve them.

2. Your Family

a. Fix your marriage or your relationship with your girlfriend. We all have something that needs to be fixed and it starts with us men. You and me. Figure out how to make the one you love feel cherished.

b. Get to know your children better and let them know you love them.

c. Bite the bullet and resolve issues with your parents, siblings and old friends.

3. Your Job

a. Decide what negatives you have towards your boss, duties and coworkers and create a plan to reconcile them.

b. Where would you rather work? Make a list of what’s holding you back and put yourself in a place where it’s not out of reach.

c. Learn to be conscious of the things you love at work rather than looking for the things you hate. You know, 20% can out shine 80%.

That’s where I would start and you are free to follow it, but don’t move on without giving these things some serious thought. Add and subtract, but get a plan together and then jump in.

Take some time to review the other blog posts on this site. There are many that can give you greater insight into changes you need.

You wanted to grow up to be someone? Well, let’s get specific and find the new normal

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