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What's Up with the Cookies?

What’s Up with the Cookies?

I love cookies and chocolate chip cookies are probably my favorite. I say probably because there are many that race towards my taste bud winners circle. But, chocolate chips? I just can’t say no.

Within the many recipes that exist, all of which I love, there is a simple tried and true recipe that comes right on the side of the chocolate chip bag. Simply buy the bag and follow the recipe for a great cookie fix.

But what if you don’t want to follow the recipe?

I think today I’ll add half the flour or maybe half the sugar. What if I think that they should be baked 20 degrees warmer or for half the time indicated? Maybe I’ll add peanut butter bits and say that they are chocolate. Or how about, I make peanut butter cookies and call them chocolate chip?

Listen, if you don’t follow the recipe then you are not going to have the tried an true cookie.

So, what’s up with the cookies?

Everyone loves the cookie but hates to follow the recipe.

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