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The quarterback drops back and throws a pass hitting the tight end as he crosses over the middle toward the right side of the goal line. The ref singnals it is a touchdown but some are questioning whether he stepped out of bounds.

You know the drill. We all want it to be verified to make sure it is true that he stayed in bounds.

A close play in baseball and the same scenario plays out. But how about when someone is telling you about your eternal fate? Don't you want to verify that they're telling the truth? Don't you want to know for sure? Isn't that worth a replay?

Pastor Francis Chan does an excellent job reviewing this very thought. The You Tube link is posted below. It will prove to be a very worth while 30 miniutes.

Check it out for yourself.

(You may need to copy and paste it to your prowser)

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Great reminder to always verify the word that is given as biblical truth in the actual Word of God. Thank you for again sharing truth.

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