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2020 Vision

Here we are about to step into another decade. Two decades since the Y2K scare. Where were you on the eve of that New Year? Does it seem like decades ago or just a few months back? Time flies when you ‘re having fun and it keeps on ticking ticking ticking into the future. Looking back is easier than looking forward. It’s easy to see that no matter where you’ve been or how far you’ve traveled or what path you took, you are exactly where you are at. But what about moving forward? Where does that next step take you? How many steps will you get?

Have you been asked lately, “How Long Are You Going To Live”? I was meeting with an insurance agent recently and as he looked through my insurance coverage he looked up and asked, “ So, how long are you going to live?” The same question was asked by my financial planner and my doctor. I think it’s meant to shock you into listening to what they have to say to you.

So, wanting to even the playing field, I sat down and started assessing the facts. After reasoning that I am in good physical condition, that there are people in my family who have lived well beyond 65 and, if you believe scripture, we’re to live 70 years and with strength we can make it to 80, Psalm 90:10, I’ve decided that I will live until I’m 83 years old. Now, when I’m asked that question, I have a response that causes these folks to stop mid sentence. I further add that I’ve determined the date will be March of 2035.

It helps to have focus for planning and to be in control of your future. However, despite all the planning, reasoning and hoping, there’s only one person who knows your exact expiration date. Moment by moment, heart beat by heart beat our life continues on towards that date. No matter how clear or focused our vision is, our next moment is not for sure as much as it is hope.

Hope comes in two different meanings. There’s the hope like, “I hope I can live out my dreams” and then there’s the hope that’s, “I have hope that my dreams will live out”. The first is a wish the second is an assurance. So, planning for 2020, we’re really making wishes that our moments will continue long enough so that our planning, hard work and diligence will result in the achieved dream that we hope will work out. But what if you run out of moments? What’s your plan? What’s your hope?

Ever since that insurance guy asked me the question about my life expectancy I’ve been focused on making sure that each moment I do have plays out well. I want to achieve as much as possible so that my family will be cared for, but in addition to this, I have been wondering where I will be after my last moment on earth arrives. The Bible says that there is eternal death and eternal life. Otherwise known as Hell, a life without God, and Heaven, a life with God. What about you? Have you had thoughts like this? Listen, they are good thoughts. This life of 60 to 80 years we have is just a moment compared to the eternity that lies ahead of us. That’s what really needs planning and hoping. With Jesus as your Lord it’s not “I hope I have eternal life” but rather “I have hope in Jesus for eternal life”. He’s the best life insurance you can have.

Consider this as you plan your 2020 vision.

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