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Strongholds: Pornography

There she is and she’s all yours. You imagine she knows you, that she wants you to be satisfied and in the next few minutes, you'll know her intimately. But, who is she? Who’s her Dad? Is she the same age as your daughter? Your sister? What does she do when your time together is over? Does she really enjoy what she is doing or is she being forced?

What’s wrong with having a little fun? Moreover, what does God say about this fun?

Did you know that 22% of all girls and women appearing in porn are being human trafficked and forced to be there? That's a little over 2 out of every 10 females you look at, are in modern day slave trade for sexual profit. Can you tell which 2 they are? Which, of those that are all yours, are there because they fear for their life if they don’t perform well?

Here's a story I heard from a human traffic survivor. We’ll call her Sue.

Sue ran away from home when she was 15, because of the household dynamics of her family. Her parents were at each others throat and her siblings were always fighting. Sue had enough and decided to leave, but with no place to go she wandered a while until she met Alex. Alex befriended her and offered her a place to live while she got herself together. Little did she know that Alex would sell her to a sex trade operator. Sue was taken off to a basement somewhere where she was handcuffed to a bed along with several other girls. Her owner held a pistol to her temple and pulled the trigger. Afterward, he told her that there would be no bullets in the gun as long as she did as she was told. She was told to perform sexual acts in front of a video camera and act like she enjoyed herself, or else. Each day was the same. Wake up, perform for the camera, be chained up again, and then have a gun placed at her temple and the trigger pulled. Then she was told that because she was a good girl there were no bullets. Sometimes she was fed, sometimes she had to perform sexual acts with her keeper and sometimes he just beat her so she knew he meant business. This pattern went on and on until one day Sue saw an opportunity to run and was able to escape. She was able to contact the police and they busted the operation and freed the other girls. This story ends on a happy note, but many do not.

Do you know Sue? If you’ve looked at 10 different girls chances are you’ve seen two girls living as Sue did.

Sad story Steve, but what does that have to do with me? I'm not into that sort of thing, I'm just having fun. Fun you say? At whose expense? The more there is a demand for pornography, the human sex trade will increase. Innocent girls will have their lives ruined for fun and profit.

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