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Starting the Year Healthy

Did you know that it takes more calories to digest an apple than the calories contained in the apple itself?

There are all kinds of diets and weight loss programs out there but what remains is that burning more calories than you consume is a key factor to staying away from weight gain. Whether you starve yourself all day or exercise until you can’t walk, the goal is that your body consumes the calories you push into it.

Sugar substitutes, along with other modified foods, are designed to help us continue to eat as much as we want while sitting on the couch. Personally, I don’t believe that these products are designed to help us be healthy. Additionally, eating these modified foods is unsatisfying and only makes me want more. The reality is that I can cut my calorie intake in half by having half the portion of real food which is far more healthy, tasty and it’s real food.

I read that our bodies are hungry when it needs nutrients not necessarily a full stomach. Think about it, there are foods that we eat until we can’t walk only to be hungry again in an hour. It’s not because we digested the food quickly, its because our body is looking for nutrients.

The key is that we need to know our bodies. What works for me is not necessarily good for you. But, let me tell you what works for me after trying so many diet suggestions.

Think back with me to the days before trucking, refrigeration and grocery stores. To a time when you needed to go out to hunt and gather your own food. Back then I would have done a better job sneaking up on tomatoes, broccoli and wheat than I would have some animal. To gather these items I would have had to walk, run and maybe even wrestle a bit. Consequently, I would have eaten less meat and more fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains.

Following this logic, I choose these proportions on a daily basis. I eat mostly the things I could sneak up on along with one serving of meat each day. Now remember, a serving of meat is basically the palm of your hand rather than the portion you choose at that particular meal.

By adopting this style of eating and adding in a daily walk of 1 or 2 miles I have been able to lose and maintain a healthy weight. What’s more is that I don’t feel as hungry because I’m eating real food and as a result I don’t need to eat as much food.

So for me,

Real Food + logical portions + a walk = Reduced weight

And for you?

Why not have an apple and think about it.

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